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    Recognized by President Obama as one of America’s most promising social innovations, Moneythink is the only movement of young people working to restore the economic health of the United States through financial education.

    We recruit and train college volunteers to serve as near-peer role models, college mentors, and financial coaches to low-income teens in high school classrooms within our communities. In partnership with schools and community organizations, our volunteers lead 11th-and-12th-graders through a program focused on the real-world financial decisions that young people face.

    Through our program, young people work together to build strong relationships, engage in meaningful dialogue, and take practical action toward their financial and career goals. Our volunteers deliver programming at the local partner site, in a student-to-mentor ratio of 5-to-1 or less, once per week for a full school year.


    Key Dates:

    Application Opens and Club Fair: 9/30

    Mentor Meet and Greet: 10/4 at 6 PM in Stuart 104

    Info Session I: 10/5 at 7 PM in Stuart 105

    Info Session II: 10/6 at 6 PM in Harper 140

    Application Closes: 10/9 at 5 PM

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    We've recruited some of the most talented students at the University of Chicago. They have become our mentors, and work with students at our partnerships across the City of Chicago. Each of our mentors is trained in teaching the following courses


    This introductory course is built to provide our students with a foundation of personal finance knowledge, with a specific focus on common pitfalls as well as actions they can begin to take in order to ensure their financial stability in the future.


    The winter module focuses on preparing students for life post high school graduation. Whether or not our mentees plan on going to college we want to provide them with the resources to succeed both academically and professionally.


    The final course in the Moneythink programs revolves around entrepreneurship. We work with our students to solve community issues and build up company ideas. The lessons help students build up a business plan that ultimately culminates in our city wide pitch competition, Money Tank.


    In the classroom, we deliver results that promote financial capability.

    Moneythink Mentors have a huge impact on their students' lives - 

    Here are some of our measured results. 

    76% of students believe they have the opportunity to become financially successful

    49% increase in student's ability to manage their own finances

    39% increase in student's belief that they will be more financially successful than their parents

    48% increase in household discussions of money management

    86% of students plan to graduate from college


    Our students see the lasting impact of Moneythink. Here's what some of them had to say.

    "It was more than just teaching financial literacy; it was teaching us to be effective members of society"

    - Jeremiah Douchee

    Moneythink Graduate


    "Moneythink gave us a break from the boring lectures, to actually interact with someone and have dialogue- that’s what I loved best about Moneythink"

    - Nnaji Iwunze

    Moneythink Graduate



    Moneythink has consistently been honored for the work that we do.

    White House


    Champions of Change Award


    Chicago Tribune


    "College students lay out fiscal facts for teens"




    "Celebrating The #WHchamps"


    Harvard Business Review


    "What Job Candidates Really Want"


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    In the classroom, we combine technology with the personal touch of near-peer mentorship


    Each student is assigned a mentor who works with them individually, providing support and guidance inside and outside of the classroom.

    We maintain a 5:1 student to mentor ratio so that each student gets the attention they deserve.


    Working with our students in a near-peer mentorship format allows our mentors to connect with our students to have a high impact and cultivate meaningful relationships in which students look up to mentors, ask them important questions about their financial concerns, and become financially capable young adults.


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    Our Incredible Leadership

    Rhea Sanger


    Rhea is a third-year studying Mathematics and Computer Science. She joined Moneythink in the fall of her first year, as she really loved mentoring and teaching others while in high school and wanted to connect with students across the broader Chicago community. Outside of Moneythink, she is a member of Eckhart Consulting and Women in Business. She also enjoys cooking with friends and binge-watching Homeland and Grey's Anatomy.

    Jackie Pitra


    Jackie is a fourth-year Economics major with a History minor. She joined Moneythink fall of her first year and loves having the exposure to the South Side community through mentoring. Outside of Moneythink Jackie is a part of Prism Consulting, enjoys playing pick-up soccer, running, and going downtown in her spare time.

    Arman Kumar

    Director of Internal Operations

    Arman is a third-year studying Statistics and Economics. He joined Moneythink in the spring of his first year after developing a passion for mentorship and teaching in high school and wanted to pursue that love further while in college. Outside of Moneythink, he is a member of the TAMID group and the Undergraduate Investment Banking Group. He also enjoys spending time with friends, listening to music and watching the Philadelphia Eagles.

    William Villarina

    Director of Outreach

    Will is a third-year student studying Economics and Philosophy. He joined Moneythink as a first-year wanting to get more involved in the surrounding South Side community. He loves spending time outdoors and depending on the season you can find him skiing, surfing, or mountain biking (and sometimes all three). Will also enjoys cooking and, at some point, you will probably find him in the Reg watching recipes on YouTube.

    Henry Sanderson

    Director of Technology

    Henry is a third-year studying Statistics and Computer Science. He joined Moneythink in the winter of his second year, as he mentored and taught financial literacy in High school. He wants to continue his work by teaching and mentoring students across the broader Chicago community. Outside of Moneythink, he is a member of Undergrad Investment Banking Group and intramural soccer. He also enjoys listening to DJs, skiing and going to the beach with friends.

    Riley Friedenberg

    Director of Finance

    Riley is a third-year studying Economics and Philosophy. He joined Moneythink in the fall of his first year and has loved mentoring students. Outside of Moneythink Riley is a member of The Blue Chips and the Financial Markets program. He also enjoys playing Chess and binge watching movies.

    Madeline Zuckerman

    Director of Curriculum

    Madeline is a third-year majoring in Economics with a Specialization in Data Science. She joined Moneythink in the spring of her first year to form mentorship relationships with students in the South Side community and have an impact beyond UChicago. Outside of Moneythink, she is the Head of Engagement for Promontory Investment Research and a TA for the economics department. She also enjoys running, biking, crosswords, and catching up on Love Island with friends.

    Jamie Malasek

    Director of Engagement

    Jamie is a third-year studying Economics and Psychology. She joined MoneyThink the fall of her first year, because she wanted to continue her passion for mentoring others that developed through leading her high school’s Peer Tutoring Program. She has appreciated the opportunities MoneyThink has given her to connect with the greater South Side community and immerse herself in Chicago culture beyond the University. Outside of MoneyThink, Jamie is a member of Women in Business, Trott Business Program, and enjoys working out, listening to podcasts, and exploring downtown Chicago with friends.

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